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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I did have the camera with me while the gift giving was occurring...with juggling Bekah & the reindeer cookies, I forgot to take a picture! Abby did an outstanding job--she wished everyone a Merry Christmas & even busted out a few Anyoung haseyos! It was very cute. Trust me.

Here are a few I just snapped. It's after the fact (and they didn't really want to do it), so in the holiday spirit, I just forced them in front of the tree! Abby was flipping out at Bekah. Beks was grabbing the little nativity in front of the tree & figured out that she could reach the ornaments. I'm surprised she didn't pull the tree over on top of all of us. Abby tried her best to keep her in line. :) Meanwhile, the dog is going crazy about something under the tree...he's trying to get behind it & stepping over presents in the process. Fun times. This what memories are made of, right?

Hmmm...while Abby isn't looking

Mary makes a nice microphone

Almost...they look a little pained

An actual smile from the oldest
Abby's favorite picture face (see Bek's hand in the background?!)
Bekah...calculating exactly how hard she would have to pull to topple the entire tree
Just in case I don't get back on here before the big day, Merry Christmas! I still have to make some red velvet cake, orange coffee cake & possibly some peanut butter dog treats...oh, and ice those darn sugar cookies! Any bets on how many things DON'T get done?

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

Indy will be happy with a jar of peanut butter - he will make his own treats! Put the sugar cookies next to a container of icing and both will disappear! Try not to overdo and just enjoy the holidays! The orange rolls would be good anytime. :) Debbie said my grandkids are really cute - who am I to argue? :)
Merry Christmas!