Seoul Grand Park & Flower Market--AGAIN!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Still catching up...whew! I am trying to keep my head above water! Computer time is hard to come by right now, but it's for a good cause. We have been going on lots of adventures & trying to get in some sights before my family goes back to the states. Below, are my last pictures of Mom J's visit. We went to the Flower Market...LOVE IT & so did she! It's just such a happy place--oh, and the smell.

Abby & her good buddy Alyssa holding hands at the zoo!

Here the cuties are posing...

Abby isn't too fond of heights & this ski lift was not something she wanted to do again. So, I enlisted my friend Kristie...she can work wonders. Here is Abby ENJOYING the ride to the top on the ski lift. Maybe she does pick up on Mommy's nervousness??? And here I thought I was faking it so well... :)
We witnessed the craziest thing...
Look very closely...
There is the beautiful guy down there playing with a stick!
These guys just couldn't get over it--they were so upset. It was crazy to watch the dynamics of what was going on. The zoo keepers had a chicken dangling from a rope trying to get the tiger to climb back up the side...didn't look like that was going to work. It started to freak us out a bit, so we took off; wish we could've seen how it all ended!

Here's my girl who doesn't want her picture taken very often...she got up there to pose all by herself!Go figure...Abby was done posing!

Our good buddies, Kristie, Alyssa, Abby, Bekah & Mommy
The last full day of Mom J's trip was spent in our little local town right off of base...we had some purse shopping to do! From what I hear, she was quite the haggler. :) I kept the girls out of the stores while she shopped, so I didn't witness it myself. I would've loved to have seen it!

I am going to try & get more caught up over the next few days! I know some of you from back home are waiting for pictures of the Waggoner visit...I'll do it ASAP! :) I am behind on EVERYTHING, if it makes you feel any better. AND, I am also up coughing most nights (oh & feeding Bekah), so it's all quite crazy here!

One of my was so happy & smelled SO GOOD! :)

Bloggy love,