Hwaseong Fortress

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Whew...I am really trying to keep up! It's not going so well. You can gauge my success by the size of the doggy hairballs flying around my house--it's not pretty. HA! Anyhow, 3 of our wild group (Daddy, Abby & Gibby) headed out to this local fortress. I will ask Daddy to get on here & add some fun antidotes, so we'll see (please don't hold your breath!). We need to locate a few more places to take our guests; Gibby wanted to see some temples or a shrine or SOMETHING of interest. Um, we haven't explored much, so this is what I came up with that we thought we could drive to. Bekah was in no mood to do 2 days in a row of adventuring, so Mommy & the Beks stayed home. Laundry=fun. :)

Bloggy love,