Baking & MORE Baking...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This post is for my mom...

Why did you not talk me out of this? Actually, it was pretty fun...for the most part.

Here, I have the worker bees busy with the ever so difficult reindeer cookies!

Engineer in charge = Cute cookies!

Um, yes, I do believe I told her she had to smile to get to eat her cookie. Bad Mommy.
The 45 bags in all their glory!

Final list:
Butterscotch Nests
Payday Bars
Toffee Squares
Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars
Peanut Butter Fudge
Sugar Cookies (that are not iced yet...guess we'll do something with them later!)

I stamped the bags...Brad asked me to only do one side, but we ended up doing something simple on both sides. Then, we tied ribbon on them with the tag. See, you really missed out on my sweat shop. I would've provided refreshing beverages & lots of chatter--maybe next time? :)

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

I didn't talk you out of it - we just ran out of time! And maybe I was just a little tired!! The reindeer cookies turned out really cute. Are you sending some to Uncle Ben? He really wanted some. Looks like Brad & crew did a great job. Glad Abby will smile for cookies! Miss you all.

Anna said...

Wow! Those are really cute; what a great idea. We have wheat thins. Oh, and raisins. Sigh.