Seoul City Tour

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We went on our first ITT trip last Sunday. It was great to not have to deal with the driving and we got to see quite a few areas in a small period of time. The girls were wonderful & we had a fun day. The weather has been cooperating nicely for all our Korean adventures! The first stop, Seoul Tower.

Walking up the steep hill to get to the tower

The "tree nest" as Abby would say. This is her favorite picture of the day!

One of the many views from the top
Hilarious. Abby sat down at the top...she was not fond of it. She told me that she did not like to be up high; she wanted to be on the ground like the animals. I promise, this is not from my influence. :)The sinks in the ladies' bathroom...Brad made fun of me for taking the pictures in there
Then, I was looking at the pics we had snapped...he took his BEFORE he mocked me. So, here is the men's restroom. Their view IS pretty good! Brad said that these ladies just came in and started cleaning while he was going to the bathroom. Weird.

Here we are by the teddy bear tree...the Teddy Bear Museum had it's Grand Opening, the next day. Nice.
I have to figure out exactly what this area is called. Our tour guide, Spiderman, said it was the Broadway of Seoul. Hmmm...not sure about that one.
This was a fun part of the trip. We took a (brisk, cold) walk down by the water. Our tour guide helped us get the stroller up & down the stairs on both ends. Abby LOVED him--she said he was cute (and I know that part of his allure was his microphone!). It was progress though...she has told me on more than one occasion that she "doesn't love Korean guys." I'm not sure what that means or why she says it! :)

Insadong...very cool place. We will definitely be going back here for the food & shopping. Artsy little neighborhood of Seoul. Brad tried to make a 'deal.' Gibby wanted some fans & the sign said they were 2500 won a piece. He told her they would get 5 or 6 of them for no more than 10,000 won. So, he went in to close the deal. The guy looked at him like he was crazy. They were only 1200 won a piece because the price on the box was for the bigger fans. HA! We are really good at the deal...we offer them more than they are asking!
At the Blue House...this is where the Korean president lives
So, besides playing a rated R movie on the bus (I've been's a PG-13, I'm just an old fogey), Bucket List, (which we don't normally watch with our chatty 3-year-old!!!) and the airman who was a little intoxicated from his soju intake, it was an excellent day. We had lots of fun & got to see plenty of Seoul. Must go to bed now. Until next time...

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Amanda Evans said...

I'm so jealous of how much you guys have been doing these past few weeks! We've been here a whole year and haven't gotten to about half of these places! Good job on checking off the "been there, done that" list while in Korea! We miss seeing you guys around, and Trevor was telling me he wanted to hang out with Abby today! I guess we'll hang out more once your company is gone (and my kids stop barfing)! Love, Amanda